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The Highbay: Black Troop Access — Monthly Membership

Sale price$ 25.00
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The Highbay is the OAF Nation's exclusive club.

When you blood in, we slide you exclusive, limited edition, not-for-release shirts every month, on top of  

Free Shipping on subscription orders

+ Highbay exclusive discounts

Questions? The Highbay FAQs  

If you're in it for the long haul, consider going annual to save 10% over the year.

The Highbay: Black Troop Access — Monthly Membership
The Highbay: Black Troop Access — Monthly Membership Sale price$ 25.00

How it works

Choose your membership level

Step 1

Choose your membership level and shirt size below. Go month-to-month or go annual to save some fetti.

We're trappin to get your order ready

Step 2

We get trappin’ and whip up your limited edition shirt and ship it...

You're care package arrives

Step 3

You'll bask in the fact that you have access to exclusive shit that herbs, busters, narcs, suckas, skip-skaps, scallywags, hooli-hoos and other half-way gangsters dont have access to.


Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
James Whitt
Solid gear

I was origin a member when it was the goon squad and I still wear those shirts in rotation almost 5 years later. These guys don’t screw around when it comes to quality. Get the membership, get the perks, be the warrior in the garden not the gardener in a war zone.

Happy customer!

Very content with my monthly membership, so glad I’m part of it

Bennett Woolsey

Worth it.

Adam Elozory
Fantastic product

The designs are fantastic, clean and minimalistic. Definitely the sort of thing I would make for myself if I could. This combined with the perfect layout, material and sizing make the subscription well worth it.

James McKeehan
The Highbay Black Troop Access

I got a free Bad Larry coffee cup. It sits on my desk, and, as I work, I can see the envy in the eyes of every veteran and service member that passes by. I've only received one shirt so far and it's awesome! I like to support veteran owned companies but some of the apparel that's out there is straight up dumb. OAF BY FAR has the best designs in my opinion. Most of the bro vets around here sport GS brand stuff. I don't have any particular beef with the company per se, but every single time I see a trainee or bubba down at the gas station wearing a "I wrote a blank check...," or a Spartan helmet with a flag printed on it, my eyes roll automatically. OAF designs are classy and lethal, just like Patrick Swayze's hair. God rest his soul.

Thank you guys for being awesome!