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The Highbay FAQs

Limited-Edition Exclusive Gear Shipped Every Month. Discounted Pricing. Free shipping.


Questions? We probably already have an answer. If none of this is helpful, hit us up at



 When will my delivery arrive?

November 2017 being our inaugural month, we wanted to make sure as many members could enjoy a shirt before Christmas, so we are extending the cutoff for December’s shirt to 11:59pm est December 4, 2017. Memberships initiated after this cutoff will ship at the end of the first week of January.

From December 5, 2017 on, the cutoff for joining will be the last day of each month, and your package will ship the first week of the following month.

Example: if you start your membership February 2, your first shirt will ship at the end of the first week of March.



How often will I receive a Goon Squad delivery? 

Once a month. 




How much is shipping?

Domestic shipping - including APOs - on Goon Squad items is FREE every month.



How does the billing work?

For monthly plans, your first month is billed at checkout. Your future payments will be automatically processed on this day of the month each month of your membership. For annual plans, 12 months of membership are charged upfront, at checkout.



I’m having trouble logging into Goon HQ - or - I’ve logged in but I do not see information related to my subscription. What gives?

Your Goon Squad login credentials consist of the email address and password that you provided at checkout when you purchased your membership. If you have an existing OAF Nation account under a different email address, you can merge the two by updating the email address associated with either account to match the other. This will allow you to manage both your membership and traditional orders in one place.



I'm moving, how do I change my address?

Log in to Goon HQ to make any necessary changes to your shipping or billing address. 



I need to update my credit card info - how do I do this?

You can update the credit card associated with your subscription, as well as your billing address, in Goon HQ.



Can I change my size, if needed?

Absolutely. We can make the necessary changes within your plan type, simply contact our team and your future deliveries will reflect your updated size. We are currently working toward offering a self-service option for this in Goon HQ, so stay tuned!




Can I purchase a Goon Squad Membership as a gift?

Yes! Visit and choose a 6 or 12 month membership. You can update the email and physical address that the membership is associated with at any time in Goon HQ. Want a gift email? Reach out to with the email address that you want it sent to.



Do you offer international memberships?

Yes! We ship to Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, and the UK. All other countries will be considered a case-by-case basis. Contact Goon Squad support to inquire. 




Why isn’t my promo code working?

Promo codes intended for the OAF Nation non-subscription items are not valid on memberships. lf you would like to utilize a promo code on non-subscription OAF Nation items, please complete the purchase of your membership(s) in a separate cart. You will be prompted for your promo codes in the transaction that does not include any membership items.



When does my membership expire?

It doesn't. Blood In, Blood Out.

Seriously, though, if you have a monthly membership and need to cancel before the end of the initial 6 month term there is a cancellation fee equal to 2 month’s membership fee. If your initial term is complete and you need to cancel, you can do so at any time with no penalties by contacting Goon Squad support. Annual plans auto renew on a yearly basis. An email will be sent to the address associated with your account prior to renewal. If you need to cancel prior to your renewal date, we can set your termination date so you won’t be billed for the upcoming year.



Still have questions? Contact Goon Squad support at