Kuhl Pants Review

I was loaded to the gills with more shit than any man should carry. I weighed a million pounds pounds and felt even more badass. A chest rig, pistol belt, eight m4 mags, two frags, a smoke grenade, pistol with two mags, med kit, m4, a helmet, and a radio. Somehow, I dropped something. As

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Veteran’s Day Special

“No one will ever see things the way I do, no one will try. All my friends say that I’m gone but I swear, I’m not.” -The Almost I woke up this morning and as custom, scrolled through my newsfeed. As I shuffled through old pictures of people in their uniforms, I came across a

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(Video) Bin Laden Shooter openly disses Delta Force. ‘Delta doesn’t f**king do anything.’

Rob O’Neill the alleged UBL shooter conducted multiple interviews with freelance journalist Alex Quade. This is a compilation of said interviews. “Vets need to sack up” “Osama Bin Laden died like a pussy”  “Delta Force says, ‘Well, we don’t say anything.’ Well ya know why? You don’t f**king do anything.”  “If Delta was given the

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80’s Baby, GWOT Made Me

“We are the rose, that grew from the crack in the concrete.” -Memphis May Fire   Millenials…   Apparently, that’s how our generation is referred to these days. I don’t really know the purpose of naming every generation but, that’s just me.   Baby boomers, Generation X, and now Millenials; every generation has traits and

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