Who knew love could kill?

Past the reflection. Past the light before me. Past the eyes that stare back at me. How long has it been since the mirror has looked back at me?

Addiction breaks, hearts broken.
Minds mend, tears inflowing.
Blood stops, addiction, her unforgiven.

Glass burns under rain. Vision fails her mirror soul.
She hears the owl’s incipient crow.
Valorous current moves inside her.
Cowards past, pass before me.

If I could describe the air, put a color to it, what color would it be?
If I could describe the sound of color around me, what color would she see?
How do I describe the woman I chase when the woman chased is valor being chased by cowards inside me?

The candle wick withers.
Wax drips onto white lace panties with red wine and whispers.
The light is all but gone, darkness fills the damp room where I kissed her.
What awaits we the treasonous? Something heavy, rank, and cold stirs, grinds
and moans from the floor above us. Silent. Wet. We wait, for our valorous mistress.

She is the heartbeat of a nation, knife’s edge of western civilization, cowards of humanity, valorous pleas of insanity. Shall we sway under the breath of her skies?
Is it too much to kiss valor with eyes that die? With hearts that deny.
Where is this elusive woman we call valor?
Why does she make me feel like such a coward this elusive woman we call valor?

On her knees, she seduces me.
Leaving in her wake dying flowers of nobility, stained sheets of chivalry
Tousled hair beset her ears, nape of her neck dripping with fear.
I taste sulfur on her tongue. Pulsing fertility. Hardened Vitality.

Cowards inside me, I know she’s here.
I beg her to stand. I beg her to kiss me.

She slowly penetrates the cold floor beneath me while I look back wondering if her gaze will follow me.

I step into what seems like inches traveling leagues with her before me. I disappear,
a black abyss of coward’s intercourse inside me.
My mind melts, cums out of my ears, her sweat runs through me,
I feel a hand grab my hair, closer she pulls me, pulsing in her belly, screaming
the name she gave me, COWARD!

From between her thighs, time lost to me.
She is there lying above me, desperate to touch me. Moving, forcing.
Breathless valor climaxes with thee.

Two souls poured from the same glass. Her and me. Thighs soaked in valor.
Cowards cover me. Throbbing. She clinches me. Bodies emptied.

I long to please her.

She longs to forgive me.

We are the dying, living shadows valley of Helmand long years ago. Remember us here, sands of Ramadi our screaming meadow. We are the living, crying awaiting, laying
poppy fields sleeping, Red Lions of Lashkargah.

I will never be enough for her.
She will never be enough for me.

ZeroMorphine is an OAF Nation OG. He's currently at 15 years on active duty and spends 70% of his time scared out of his mind. 80’s baby turned GWOT Navy, Z has been around the dirty playground more than a few times. From his beginnings in the Recon/Raider lifestyle, to his continued search of the perfect deployment, he remains true to the counter-culture. Z has penned OAF Nation favorites Pistol Circus and Rock Bottom while also capturing our hearts with Tiger in the Lotus. His dream is to retire, move to the mountains, find peace by a river and continue to inspire critical thought for critical skills.



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