The dead are only seen by the dying
They all shut eyes together. Victors won they travel to the Halls of Vahalla. Carried by the wings of their sacred Valkerye. Finally, as the warrior’s road of life ends, he smiles as they cross the river into the tall grass of eternity.
A spiritual warrior is the victorious warrior…
Without spirit, a warrior will know only defeat

Spiritual balance is essential to the way of the warrior
Finding your spiritual path happens with self
purification through self-discipline.
We call this living in the Lotus

“Nothing noble about being superior to your fellow man
True nobility is being superior to your former self”
The goal of physical training is to inch closer to indestructibility.
The harder a man is to kill, the longer he will remain effective.
We call this the mindset of Tiger

Cuts of the cloth
Tats of the triple canopy: raider skulls, recon jacks, regiment scrolls, green feet, bone frogs. They are all permanent colors and crests of the fraternal order. Sons of conflict. We are the no men of no man’s land.
We are all the same. The will to live. And the will to die.
With true will and true belief, victory is imminent and undeniable.
We call this The Tiger in the Lotus

Once you’ve mastered yourself, everything becomes moving meditation
Shooting. Diving. Jumping. Patrolling. Climbing. Planning.
You’ve mastered yourself and your moving meditations bend to your will.
A true unison of mind and body

When we deploy we deploy as killers
We must leave behind the man of husband and father if we have any hope in returning to a life once lived. Our mind and spirit must be able to draw the line, walk the line, and cross the line. There is a poetic irony in swearing allegiance and holding an oath to protect the constitution; which ultimately falls on the shoulders of outlaws. Our temple of body for our spirit to dwell in must remain our foundational cornerstone. Outlaws we must remain, protectors of humanity we must maintain. We will find our temple inside ourselves.

The temple is never complete, always under restoration

“There are only three sports:
bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; 
all the rest are merely games.”
Those three are the only three that the man must be as good as he claims to be or he will die trying. We are not professional athletes keeping our bodies primed for a game. We are bullfighters keeping our minds primed for our sport of gun fighting.
We are only as good as we claim to be… or we die

Becoming the Tiger in the Lotus will keep us alive when you and the bull stand face to face in the arena of mortal combat. You must ascend to the top, to view the life you once lived now magnificently finite




– ZeroMorphine

ZeroMorphine is donating his proceeds of this poster to Lotus River Yoga Center, in Virginia Beach.

Testimonial: I have been shot twice in violence and crawled off the X. I have stood in between everything I love and violent fire. Severely burned I fought the fire and again crawled off the X. I walk with the Tiger in the Lotus. I am ready for the bull in combat time and time again. My duty is to remain stronger than our nations greatest enemies. SOF Yoga is my balance. The constant struggle of physical, mental and spiritual growth and maintaining the equal balance of all three. If you are a true believer and have answered the call to live a life of a warriors solitude you must find the Tiger and lead him by the quiet water. The search is your journey. The Tiger in the Lotus is your path.

“There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.” – Ernest Hemingway

“The goal of physical training can be summed up in one phrase: to make yourself as indestructable as possible. The harder a man is to kill, the longer he will remain effective, as climber, a soldier, or what ever.” – Mark Twight

ZeroMorphine is an OAF Nation OG. He's currently at 15 years on active duty and spends 70% of his time scared out of his mind. 80’s baby turned GWOT Navy, Z has been around the dirty playground more than a few times. From his beginnings in the Recon/Raider lifestyle, to his continued search of the perfect deployment, he remains true to the counter-culture. Z has penned OAF Nation favorites Pistol Circus and Rock Bottom while also capturing our hearts with Tiger in the Lotus. His dream is to retire, move to the mountains, find peace by a river and continue to inspire critical thought for critical skills.