The last major battle and, as a result, one of the bloodiest of WWII aka the Big Show, the Battle for Okinawa kicked off on Easter Sunday, April 1, 19-fo’-fif. #NothingSaysHolyLikeKilling #WhatWouldPilateDo

More than 180,000 of America’s finest, combat hardened teenagers and young adults rolled up to Okinawa with the Navy’s Fifth Fleet with fire in their loins, USDA Grade D beef in their bellies, and liberating the fuck out of enemy territory on their minds. #BuckOhFiveOClock

As those gat-totin’ gods of war landed on April 1, command thought they were gonna get torn up worse than D-Day, but Tojo’s Tiny-Dick-Touchers had other plans, allowing the GI’s and Marines of the invasion force to land unmolested and make their way inland, where the real party was waiting. #FuckYouMeanWeGottaHumpOutThere

Inching their way southward toward the Samurai soyboys’ Shuri defensive line, the American forces encountered increasingly stiff resistance; fighting hellish battles at Sugarloaf Hill, Horseshoe Ridge and a host of other firefights lost to time. But to the men who lived, fought, and died there, it was straight up hell on earth. #ThisAintItChief Heavy rains turned the terrain into a muddy soup, making every assault that much more difficult and finding comfort in your fighting hole impossible. #WhatsTheWiFiPassword

As the Americans encircled the Japanese forces into the southern tip of the island, Hirohito’s heauxs started spitting that fake news to Okinawan civilians that the round eyes would butcher them. With that, civilians started cliff diving into the shallow end of the surrounding water. Meanwhile, out at sea, the Fifth Fleet was catching kamikazes left and right, crushing the morale of the sailors who were literally sitting ducks. In summation, the Battle of Okinawa was the most un-skate, shamming-free operation ever. #BroImStraightUpNotHavingAGoodTime

On June 22, the head heaux-ass hooly-hoo of the Japanese forces on Okinawa, General Mitsuru Ushijima, smoked himself via ritualistic suicide; which (contrary to popular belief) is not a one way ticket to Valhalla. #HoldMyBeer

His death signaled the end of resistance on the island, but not before General Buckner, commander of American ground forces on Okinawa was KIA as well. At the end, the US took over 49,000 casualties, including 12,520 killed. However, the capture of Okinawa put U.S. bombers firmly within striking distance of the Japanese mainland. #YouGonLearnToday


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