It’s Time to Take the Power Back. The #meboot campaign is here to give a voice to all you war dogs out there, struggling to carry on the traditions passed down to us since the dawn of this country.

We know the feeling. You head over to SOI (or ACT or whatever place you Army brojs pick your new fuck toys up from) eager to introduce yourself to the new blood being pumped into the veins of the throbbing erection of violence and aggression that is the fighting forces of this great land #donttreadontmebro. This eagerness you carry is tempered with the knowledge that 1st Sgt’s POG ass is just waiting to burn salty E3’s for anything even resembling “hazing”. But what is hazing? Now see there are very real instances of legitimate hazing that aren’t cool. We shouldn’t have to tell you it’s not right to piss on boots as you make them do push-ups in the barracks laundry room all because you went to war one time and somehow that makes you God #yourenotgodbro

However, young kings, we must climb above the mistakes of those who came before us, and lay down the law for our charges, before they get us and the boys killed. Because there are ways to educate these poor, innocent souls that come before us like lambs to the slaughter. We have to dig deep into our creative conscience to discover paths available for the taking down this journey of enlightenment.

What we hope to accomplish with the #MeBoot campaign is to spread awareness of the creativity that’s out there to teach and bring up our boots in the ways that Chesty brought down from the Chosin like Moses brought down the Ten Commandments from Mount Sinai. Drop your tales of boothood in the comments section, and take this trip with us, friend. If you’re worried about repercussions, pop those stories over to @meatmunch90 (not a joke) on Instagram via DM.

Just to clarify, we aren’t talking about boot camp stories or pity parties, strictly the realest of the real and the funniest shit you can come up with. In the meantime, stay strong grasshoppers, just cause Chesty’s dead doesn’t mean they can do whatever the fuck they want.