Fam, we are excited to announce that Dave Rose’s second edition of Spent Shell Casings is out and alive.

A GWOT rollercoaster ride; from lunatic, barracks-room humor to the depths where monsters that plague a generation dwell, we doubt it will ever get in Oprah’s Book Club, but—and probably because—this puppy fills in a lot of gaps that needed to be.

If you’re already familiar with this social commentary and depravity you know it was a tough sell to publishers. Our boy D (who has written for us as Mr. Blonde) self-published last year based on an industry challenge to “prove itself,” and the book proved itself right into a publishing house.

Retitled, some rewrites concocted, No Joy is available now in paperback, ebook, and audiobook. The latter narrated by the main voice-artist for none other than the late, great Hunter S Thompson.

We want to be clear, this is a revised second edition, not a sequel. So if you supported the original work, thank you kindly and feel free to chill in the rear for this one.

However, if you’re interested in finding a new read for the fall, available on iTunes and Audible as well, we suggest with a smile, get it here:

Amazon: paperback, ebook, audiobook

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