On This Date in OAF History: The Battle for Okinawa Begins

The last major battle and, as a result, one of the bloodiest of WWII aka the Big Show, the Battle for Okinawa kicked off...

On this Date in OAF History: The Boston Massacre

  Where were you when the world stopped turning, that cold Boston day? March 5, 1770, the city of Boston is salty af because the Massholes...

Sunday Scaries Pt. 9 – NJP

This is it, they caught you with your dick in the metaphorical door. First Sausage found a half-naked stripper (ironic, right?) in your coffin...

Sunday Scaries Pt. 8 – Predeployment Training

Grab some lotion and pull your pants back up because we got some packing to do folks. It’s time to kiss that hole you've...

Sunday Scaries Pt. 7 – Health and Comfort

With the sun beginning to dip beneath the horizon, the low-quality lights in the parking lot of your barracks building kick on, casting shadows...

Sunday Scaries Pt. 6 – Resolutions

  Hustlers, killers, murderers, drugs dealers, gather round the glowing screen in front of you and let Bertier and Casper give you the motivation to...

Twas the Night Before OAF Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, And all through the trap house,

Sunday Scaries pt. 5, Mandatory Holiday Parties

Your car is packed. The beaver hatch-back is loaded for a full two weeks of hometown hottie hole pluggin’ and DWI evadin’....

#MeBoot Campaign

It’s Time to Take the Power Back. The #meboot campaign is here to give a voice to...

Sunday Scaries pt. 4, Hone Your Craft

Sit, kneel, bend, stand, young kings and queens, that time of the week has arrived once again and Bertier and Casper are...

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