Redeployment: Truth Found in Fiction

Unlike the beloved Commandant’s Reading List, we here at OAF Nation feel one’s reading level is determined more by grey matter and curiosity—not things...

Community in our DNA: Older Days Made Better Ways

So I recently moved to South Florida. Haven’t seen Lil Wayne or the Bang Bus yet, but there are the super models and the...

The Psychedelic Warrior

As modern warriors, it’s important we open our minds to new ideas and perspectives in order to stay one step ahead of an increasingly...

Martyrdom of a Mutt

That first day in Vietnam they snag a batch of us young imbeciles Herd us into one of those mandatory oh-rientating lectures war hygiene...

We Hail From a Nation of _______

The shallow cheers from a safe distance, the misunderstanding of the warrior mindset, and the truth.  If the shoe don't fit, you will damn sure know a foot that it would.


Military Regulations: Winning Battles Since 1775

Ahhhh, military regulations. Few topics evoke a more volatile cocktail of insatiable, fanatically polar opinions.

Examining The Narrative of 22

"22 a day" has infested both social media and mainstream news. Time to look at this number.

September 11: Reflections and Moving Forward

As Florida deals with all-that-is Hurricane Irma, I see what always surrounds a big, dangerous event. Amidst lines for gas and scrambles for AA...

Rock Bottom: Self-Retribution Through Self-Purification

So this is where you are. Rock bottom AF. I say YOU because you are the one who set my world on fire... while watching...


When portrayed on the big screen, the body of the warrior is strong, lean, rough, and attractive. Hooded eyes top a rugged face covered...

Must Read

For the Love of Grunts

A New Breed

Martyrdom of a Mutt

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