Women in Combat Units is Still a Bad Idea (Sorry)

Relevant issues that make full integration of women into combat units a counter-productive move.

Martyrdom of a Mutt

That first day in Vietnam they snag a batch of us young imbeciles Herd us into one of those mandatory oh-rientating lectures war hygiene...

Assets & Liabilities

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the years is there are only two types of people when it comes to a team (of any kind): assets and liabilities. It’s pretty cut and dry with no room for a grey area. If you’re not one, you’re the other.

Perspectives on Violence: Blood Meridian

“I didn’t think I could tough it out for those days.” -glassjaw In a day and age where speech and symbolism are considered forms of...

First Person Shooter

“I hope you make peace with your pain, and never lose your flames.”



We Hail From a Nation of _______

The shallow cheers from a safe distance, the misunderstanding of the warrior mindset, and the truth.  If the shoe don't fit, you will damn sure know a foot that it would.


The Warrior’s Path: Part 2

We come from many different places. Different parents, families, experiences, branches of service, MOS, etc., but we share a strong bond. This understanding can be appreciated in different ways.

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