Unlike the beloved Commandant’s Reading List, we here at OAF Nation feel one’s reading level is determined more by grey matter and curiosity—not things like the officer/enlisted distinction… or for how many years you’ve sat in on sexual harassment briefs.

Therefore, introducing our brand new segment—OAF Hitter Reading List—good for officer, enlisted, and civilian alike.


by Sebastian Junger

Reveiw by Pauly B

Full disclosure, I’m a Sebastian Junger fan. I enjoyed “Perfect Storm”, “War”, “Restrepo” and “Korengal.” If you’re reading this [read more]

The Things They Carried: Listening Beyond War Stories
by Tim O’Brien

Review by Beelz

I have a complicated relationship with Tim O’Brien’s third book, The Things They Carried, When I left the service, I found myself in first a Master’s program to develop my writing, which mostly cen… [read more]


Review by Chungk

It’s a bit of a stretch but being freshly educated in social theory I’ve tried to associate what was taught in class to some empirical ground truths I learned down range. [read more]

Blood Meridian
by Cormac McCarthy

Review by Johnny “Grifter” Peddicord

For those people on the frontier, this was their reality. Starving to death or being killed by a neighbor was a very real, daily possibility. There wasn’t always a higher purpose to it, it just was. [read more]

Guns, Germs, and Steel
by Jared Diamond

Review by David Rose (AKA Mr. Blonde)

For those looking for a read requiring some saddled devotion, this book holds more explanatory power for the “fate of human societies” than just about anything else out there…[read more]

by Sebastian Junger

Review by David Rose (AKA Mr. Blonde)

So I recently moved to South Florida. Haven’t seen Lil Wayne or the Bang Bus yet, but there are the super models and the palm trees and the Lamborghinis…  [read more]

by Phil Klay

Review by David Rose (AKA Mr. Blonde)

There’s no other way to put it without being dishonest—I wanted to hate the book when I bought it. Maybe due to that old justifiable suspicion… [read more]

Fight Club
by Chuck Palahniuk

Review by Slacker

…an unorthodox but effective life coach not only for the transitioning soldier but also for the long-transitioned veteran. [read more]

No Joy
by David Rose

Review by OAF Nation

A GWOT rollercoaster ride; from lunatic, barracks-room humor to the depths where monsters that plague a generation dwell, this puppy fills in a lot of gaps that needed to be. [read more]