Unlike the beloved Commandant’s Reading List, we here at OAF Nation feel one’s reading level is determined more by grey matter and curiosity—not things like the officer/enlisted distinction… or for how many years you’ve sat in on sexual harassment briefs.

Therefore, introducing our brand new segment—OAF Hitter Reading List—good for officer, enlisted, and civilian alike.

by Phil Klay

Review by David Rose (AKA Mr. Blonde)

There’s no other way to put it without being dishonest—I wanted to hate the book when I bought it. Maybe due to that old justifiable suspicion… [read more]

by Sebastian Junger

Review by David Rose (AKA Mr. Blonde)

So I recently moved to South Florida. Haven’t seen Lil Wayne or the Bang Bus yet, but there are the super models and the palm trees and the Lamborghinis…  [read more]