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Craig Weller

Craig Weller and his business partner have been training candidates for SOF selection courses since 2010 and have had clients successfully complete courses in every branch of the US military as well as half a dozen allied countries with a success rate above 90%. He is a former Navy SWCC and Department of State personal security specialist under the Worldwide Personal Protective Service program. He is a published researcher and consultant in the human intelligence field, with work primarily involving methods for detecting deception. Between Navy SOF, DoS, and private military work he has accumulated around four years of deployment time in sandy places, including Iraq, the Horn of Africa, Central America and the Philippines. In the civilian world, Craig co-founded two different training facilities – Barefoot Fitness in South Dakota and Ethos Colorado, based in Denver. He also designed the exercise systems used by Precision Nutrition, the world’s largest online coaching company. He can be reached through

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