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So here’s the deal. Once upon a time a rock careening through the cosmos drifted close enough to a massive, naturally occurring instance of nuclear fusion to cook up an atmosphere and spawn organic consciousness, all so we could bear witness to the magnitude of existence. Over the course of time, our species has managed to create a series of ironically clever (though often socially counterproductive), self-imposed distractions, to keep ourselves busy whilst spinning around on this biological spaceship. Mechanisms that ultimately (and perhaps explained more poignantly) were designed to intentionally convolute the human experience – to proliferate the “lowest common denominator” societal structure; to promote mediocrity; to dumb us down. Distractions like global political polarization, cyclical consumer debt, impotent bipartisan governance. Financial derivatives. State-sponsored social welfare programs. Reality television. Racism. Money. Struggle. All of it.

Despite the paradoxical nature of our circumstances, however, there are always exceptions to the evolutionary status quo. Incarnated game-changers. Mold-breakers. Manifestations of the alpha, that seem to present during pivotal times throughout history – times when metamorphic progress is needed most. In the case of humanity, these phenomena materialize in divergent forms. As revolutionaries. Philosophers. Forward thinkers. Artistic practitioners. Renaissance men. True believers. Conscious soldiers. As warriors. A warrior’s reality is pure, his context unfiltered, his perception fluid. The warrior keeps us evolving. It is the warrior that sets in motion the violent shifting of the gears of change. The warrior knows truths that are as ancient as consciousness itself.

And the warrior will, against inconceivable odds, with broken body, exhausted spirit, weary confidence, and tempered conviction – carry us into the future.


About You

If you’re reading this right now there’s no telling what you’ve survived up to this point in your life. You’ve experienced trauma, love, loss, heartbreak, devastation, pain, misery, and suffering.

But despite all of that you’ve had the strength and fortitude to keep going. And here you are, still standing.

Guess what, motherfucker. You’re awesome.
Don’t ever forget it.

We Stand Alone Together

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