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Here’s the deal. Once upon a time a rock hurtling through the cosmos began a gravitational dance with a massive nuclear fireball, cooked up an atmosphere and spawned organic consciousness, all so that the magnitude of existence could bear witness to itself.

Throughout the course of human history, the social framework of our species has endured turbulent, often asymmetrical evolution. We deliberately impose structural perplexity upon ourselves in a never-ending attempt to reconcile our fragile egos while spinning round on this biological spaceship we call home. As such, many of the mechanisms we employ to govern civilization are socially counterproductive, and yet ironically, are designed to be. Man’s will to power has been our most stifling obstacle to sustainable progress since we began recording our existence on this planet.

Maintaining the illusion that freedom of choice will always ensure the appropriate delegation of authority by virtue of collective goodwill is not only essential for the stable consent to such an authority, but is also a valuable tool for concentrating power for as long as possible when the accepted institutional legitimacy of a society fails. Pacification is more easily achieved than innovation.

This dilemma materializes in the form of faulty or corrupt social archetypes. Like political polarization leading to impotent partisan governance in response to escalating populist friction. Or an unsustainable debt-driven global economic model increasingly reliant on perpetual captive consumption, a model so systemically flawed it requires progressively larger levels of augmentation through state-sponsored entitlement and stimulus programs just to prevent its collapse. Or the insatiable attainment of thermonuclear weaponry of apocalyptic proportions by our leaders. Pick your folly.

Resource scarcity drives speculation and volatility across the globe, while living standards continue to deteriorate as advancing technology displaces human productivity. This creates mounting pressure, exacerbates protectionsist biases. Fuels fear. Insecurity. Hatred. Racism. Fascism. Radicalism. War. This cyclical rhythm of creative destruction is accompanied by an ebb and flow of propaganda, manipulation, and distraction designed to preserve the status quo. Thought control becomes a matter of national security. Society must be incrementally tranquilized to avoid mass civil unrest.

Enter the age of manufactured mediocrity. The pursuit of moral obligation is supplanted by reality television and selfies. Improvidence becomes pervasive. The critical human characteristics that separate us from animals, traits like intellectual curiosity and altruism and common sense, are increasingly replaced by rampant self-absorption and the need for instant gratification on a pandemic scale. Nothing to see here, move along.

Despite the paradoxical nature of our circumstances, social legitimacy nevertheless continues its evolutionary march. Institutions are dismantled and rebuilt. Paradigms shift. Molds are broken. Stagnation is a perfect incubator for transformation. Natural law seems to intervene during pivotal times throughout history when metamorphic progress is not just idealized and sought after, but vital to our very survival. Catalysts emerge as human actors. As philosophers. Prophets. Revolutionaries. Martyrs. As warriors.

A warrior’s reality is pure, his context unfiltered, his perception fluid. The warrior keeps us evolving. It is the warrior that sets in motion the violent shifting of the gears of change. The warrior knows truths that are as ancient as consciousness itself.

And the warrior will, against inconceivable odds, with broken body, exhausted spirit, weary confidence, and tempered conviction, carry us into the future.


About You

If you’re reading this right now there’s no telling what you’ve survived up to this point in your life. You’ve experienced trauma, love, loss, heartbreak, devastation, pain, misery, and suffering.

But despite all of that you’ve had the strength and fortitude to keep going. And here you are, still standing.

Guess what, motherfucker. You’re awesome.
Don’t ever forget it.

We Stand Alone Together

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