I’ve been asked the question more times than I care to count. Friends, family, and especially girlfriends are always wondering “why do you carry that thing?”  Typically I give some type of smart ass answer, but occasionally I’ll take them down the rabbit hole of why I carry a firearm. For starters, I want it for protection. I know I’m not a small guy, and I also know that I live in a middle class suburban area with a low crime rate. That is not the point, the point is, I’m responsible for my personal safety, and the safety of those around me. 

Typical anti-gun logic is that guns are not safe, and thus the world will be safer without them. I won’t even argue this point. The point I will argue, is why would you expect somebody else (the police) to come to your rescue in the event that your life is in danger? Why should it be somebody else’s burden to keep your sorry ass alive? This country was not built on the values of a good government providing for the people. This great nation was founded on the premise that you can make your own way, be the master of your own destiny, and take responsibility for your life and actions. 

Maybe I’m archaic, and think too fondly of the wild west when men were able to defend themselves and their families without worry of legal reproach. Maybe I’m crazy in thinking that somebody irrational would ever want to do me, or my loved ones harm. Maybe I’m crazy to think I need an AR-15 in case the next revolution, or a foreign invader will happen during my time. Then again maybe I’m not, and maybe I just wish people would take a little more responsibility for their own well-being. 

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